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If you are unsure whether you or your child requires orthodontic treatment, simply get a complimentary consult with our leading orthodontists in Bangkok. Treatment is non-obligatory and a checkup provides you peace of mind on monitoring and answering any dental concerns you may have. BIDH dental hospital offers children’s dentistry and provides the full range of professional dental treatment services under hospital-based safety standards.

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Your general dentist may not always check or diagnoses dentofacial irregularities for you or your child during your bi-annual checkup unless you have highlighted any speciific concerns on jaw pain, bite issues, misaligned teeth or irregular teeth growth. General dentists normally simply cleans and checks your oral hygiene and health. Therefore, you will need to etiher bring up any potential orthodontic problems you face or that your child may have mentioned. Your general dentist will then refer you to an orthodontist who is specialy certified and trained on  the diagnoses and treatment of malocclusions.

An orthodontist can provide professional advise of various braces treatment options for any possibe or potential maxillofacial bite irregularities. There are several methodogies to treat any one specific orthodontic problem. So the treatment plan from one orthodontist may differ from a second opinion of another orthodontist. BIDH orthodontic clinic has a well-experienced and top team of leading thailand orthodontists able to provide advise, consult or second opinions.


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Teeth growth and movement is best monitored by an orthodontist starting as a child as early as around the age of 7. If any orthodontic problems is detected, applicable orthodontic appliances may be used to controlled and guide jaw growth while your child is stil developing. In most cases, an early orthodontic checkup for your child simply involves teeth growth tracking and if braces is really required, they are normally not started until a suitable age normally during teenage years or as advised by your child’s orthodontist.

For adults, be it that you have never had braces, it is never too late start orthodontic braces if you encounter orthodontic problems or would simply like straighter or beautiful teeth. Some adults may have prior braces done as a child but have not worn their retainers leading to teeth misalignments overtime. Advancements in orthodontic braces techniques and materials has now made orthodontic treatment quicker, more efficient, more efficient and more comfortable for the past.

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BIDH bangkok dental on sukhumvit soi 2 is Thailand’s official specialized dental hospital in Thailand. As a specialist hospital, our core expertises and operations is within the field of dentistry. Our dental clinic network group is therefore specialists on end-to-end as a leading top dental provider in the region. Our dental group has therefore won numerous awards for providing oustanding patient safety and quality-based dental treatment services.

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thailand Orthodontic Fees and braces costs

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Orthodontic treatment fees will differ based on your case condition on complexity of your case, the type or choice of braces choosen and your orthodontist treatment plan.

At BIDH dental hospital, we are able to process insurance claim forms and have direct billing for some insurance companies. Please simply approach our customer service staff if you hold any local or international insurance coverages. Our dental hospital do has installment schemes with certain credit card for your orthodontic braces treatment or if you need to undergo jaw surgery treatment.

All treatment fees and prices at BIDH dental hospital is standardized and transparent. We do not discriminate pricings based on foreign, expat or local patient, cash or credit card payments. Official receipts are issued to you on your costs of dental treatments in Thailand for claims and assurance of transparency.