retainers types

The type of retainer recommended by your orthodontist will be discussed with you. There are basically 2 types :

  1. removable based
  2. fixed type
plastic retainer

Clear and removable

Normally made from clear plastics and transparent, they are removable and you are able to to put them on or remove them by yourself.

metal retainers

Metal and removable

It may be fixed or removable.  Removable metal ones normally covers the roof inside of your mouth. It can be customized with different colors.

thailand fixed retainers

Metal and fixed

Fixed metal-typed are fitted by your orthodontist. the thin, custom-fitted wires on the back side of your upper and lower teeth, therefore they are not visible.

Fixed versus Removable Retainers

Advantages of removable typed

  • Easy use and convenient.
  • Easy for teeth cleaning as your can remove to brush and floss

Advantages of fixed-based

  • Unlike removable version, fixed typed will not be forgotten and is worn at all times. They are permanent therefore effective.
  • Your teeth shift naturally as you age, a permanent retainer offers better long-term results for teeth straightening than a removable one.


  1. After active orthodontic period, the retention phase is important for the long-term stability of treatment results. Retainers help to keep shift teeth position in place.
  2. It allows the bone that holds teeth to rebuild after teeth have shifted position.
  3. Your body changes even after growing and so does your teeth. Retainers maintain your teeth in that ideal position.

complimentary consultation

Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our dentists. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out what treatment is specific to you.

When to wear retainers?

Most individuals wear retainers during night-times. Like teeth brushing and cleaning, wearing them should become part of your oral hygiene routine.

You can normally use your retainers for many years with proper care and cleaning. Retainers, like other devices will likely need to be replaced when they are worn down, damaged or ill-fitting.

It works only when worn, so if you have a removable retainer, ensure you do wear them.

removable retainers

3 Tips to maintain your retainers

For removable clear trays,

  1. Store your trays when they are not in use. Do not put them on the table or in your pocket without the case.
  2. Keep the trays away from heat sources that could bend the plastics
  3. If your trays appears to have lost its shape or does not fits well, make a appointment with your orthodontist.

If you have a fixed retainer, brush it after meals and clean under the wire with dental floss at least once daily. If you are unable to brush, rinse with water.

After completing orthodontic treatment, your orthodontist will still schedule periodic checks. Bring your retainers along during your visits.

Conclusion – retainers

To maintain successful results of your straighten new smile, retainers will need to be worn after completion of your chosen braces types. It may be fixed or removable and can be made from metal or clear plastics.

Some patients asks about teeths straightening retainers. If you have had orthodontic braces done before and your teeth has slightly shifted, please do discuss with our orthodontist at our bangkok orthodontic clinic if retainers or perhaps simple sets of clear aligners may help to resolve mild relapses.

The type of retainer best suited for you is dependent on your lifestyle choices and if you are having braces for children, braces for teens or braces for adults.