3M Clarity Braces

Clarity Unitek is a brand of braces by 3M’s orthodontic division from USA . 3M Clarity braces are used for our clear and non-visible self-ligating braces at BIDH orthodontic dental center in thailand.

Our dental center have selected 3M’s braces for its well-established reputation on advancement on bonding adhesive. It is one of the leaders for efficient bonding system in orthodontics. Clarity Unitek brackets come in individual units with pre-coated with APC™ Flash-Free adhesive technologies. This adheres to BIDH’s hospital standards on up-keeping sterilization concepts. Unlike other braces brands that comes in open packets, 3M clarity brackets are separately packed and sealed with proprietary bonding adhesives.

clear braces APC

3M Bonding Adhesives

Proprietary bonding technology

Clarity Braces Packages

Below are the standard braces ranges for 3M Clarity braces

clarity advance clear braces

3M Clarity Advance Ceramic Braces

Clear braces

clarity self-ligating

3M Clarity SL Braces

Self-ligating and clear braces for less visibility and lighter forces

clarity ultra clear braces

3M Clarity Ultra SL Braces

Self-ligating and clear braces with smoother edges

Clarity clear braces

Clartiy braces benefits

All ranges of clarity braces are clear braces designed for aesthetic orthodontic treatment.

clarity braces bangkok
  1. The braces are designed for less visible because it is translucent. It bracket blends with tooth color.
  2. It provides the better comfort compared to normal metal brackets due to its smooth bracket surface, rounded corners that minimize soft tissue contact and abrasion.
  3. Clarity braces have small, low profile bracket that enhances patient comfort without compromising strength, while minimizing occlusal interference.
  4. 3M is well-reputed for its bonding adhesive, clarity brackets have predictable and consistent debonding with 3M’s proprietary base. At BIDH dental clinics, our orthodontic center uses its APC™ Flash-Free Adhesive that is individually packed for steriization reasons.
  5. These packed brackets also allow for a fast and efficient bonding experience ensuring that a quality-base product is provided for.
  6. Clarity bracket are stain resistant. Therefore there is less discoloration during treatment.

For clarity SL, as it is self-ligating they provide additional advantages:

  1. There are no ligatures that means no staining to the rubber elastics and there is no o-rings that can attract plaque allowing for better oral hygiene.
  2. Treatment intervals may be extended with less timing visit with your orthodontist as there is no need to change the elastic ties
  3. Clarity SL braces are easier to clean because the slot mechanism may be opened by your orthodontist for cleaning during your monthly visits.
  4. It is an appliance that delivers results. Its clip engagement optimize interbracket distance and design enables your orthodontist to control forces be effectively.
metal vs clear braces

Clear braces Orthodontists

All our orthodontic treatments are treated by orthodontists. Get a consult to ask questions about aesthetic clear braces. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out what treatment is specific to you.

Clarity braces treatment process

The length of orthodontic treatment varies with your case complexity that normally lasts a year but can extend to 2 years or more.

x-ray imaging

Step 1 : Orthodontic X-rays and records

Your orthodontisttakes digital x-rays, study models, x-ray imaging and photos Your orthodontic treatment plan is discussed with you.

clarity braces thailand

Step 2 : Installation of Brackets

Upon confirming your treatment plan for clear braces, your teeth surface is dried, etched and primed to receive the clear brackets. Clarity brackets comes in sterilized sealed packs. So, your dentist picks the brackets and cures the brackets on. Titanium wires are placed on.

thailand clear braces

Step 3 : Interval adjustments

If opting for self-ligating clear braces, your braces are adjusted around every 6 to 8 weeks. If opting for conventional clear braces or ceramic braces, your appointment visit to your orthodontist is made every 4 to 6 weeks.

3M clarity braces

Step 4  : Complete Treatment with Retainers

When your braces have properly shifted teeth in position, your orthodontist will take records before the brackets are easily removed. Tooth impression taking is done for a set of retainers that you will have to wear post orthodontic treatment.

Conclusion – Clear Braces

3M Clarity braces are clear braces. Its brackets may be ceramic or plastic, conventional or self-ligating. BIDH have chosen 3M Unitek braces for its clear braces due to its sterilization concept of individually packed brackets. Your bangkok orthodontic treatment is thus done under hospital-standard conditions. At BIDH orthodontic clinics, you are assured to be treated by certified and licensed thailand orthodontists. Our braces dentists are specialists well-experienced having treated thousands of braces cases successfully.

There range of clarity braces include 3M Clarity Advance ceramic braces, 3M Clarity SL braces and 3M Clarity Ultra SL braces. All of them are clear or tooth-colored. Clarity’s ceramic braces is the same as its traditional metal braces counterpart, the main difference being ceramic. Its self-ligating braces have special clip brackets that do not require the rubber ligatures required by conventional clear or metal braces. BIDH orthodontic center also uses metal braces by 3M.

Clear braces treatment procedure do not differ in steps from metal braces. These braces are installed by your orthodontist quickly in a visit relatively quickly and easily taking around one hour. Your interval adjustments vistis would be shorter taking just 15 to 30 mintues.

Follow the braces care instructions given by your orthodontist for in achieving successfull outcomes. Compliance to come for your adjustment visits and taking care of your oral healthy during orthodontic treatment is important for a beautiful new smile at the end of treatment.