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Metal braces

Traditional metal braces has a proven history of being effective and resolving majority of orthodontic problems well. They are also the most economical type of braces popularly done as children’s braces.

At BIDH orthodontic dental center in thailand, we use metal brackets by 3M for our metal braces cases. Our dental center have selected 3M’s braces for its internationally recognized quality and safety standards on its medical products and for its clinically tested, clean orthodontic bonding adhesives. 3M braces has been in use for more than 60 years.

BIDH dental hospital holds sterilization and patient safety as its core operations focus. All our orthodontic treatments are done only by certified orthodontists and using approved orthodontic appliances.

Metal Braces Packages

Below are the standard braces ranges for 3M metal brackets :

Smart Clip

3M SmartClip SL Braces

Self-ligating and metal

metal bracket
victory braces

3M Victory Series 

Low profile and superior fit metal 

3M Unitek braces

3M Unitek

Standard metal brackets

3M smartclip

3M Unitek braces benefits

Metal braces from 3M unitek include both traditional metal brackets and self-ligating brackets. For its traditional metal bracket system, this include the 3M Unitek and 3M Victory series.

Unitek 3M bangkok

Sterile & Individually packed

Ask your orthodontist for 3M APC brackets.

Benefits of their conventional brackets from 3M are:

  1. Quality checked and tested. Metallic brackets are manufactured to strict tolerances and tested extensively to assure reliability
  2. 3M metal brackets are smaller in size for greater comfort and improved esthetics.
  3. Manufactured from sturdy 17-4 stainless steel with incorporate micro-etched base, the metallic bracket provides for strong bonding to teeth surface and enables a smoother and more secure ligation
  4. You are able to opt for 3M’s APC brackets that is individually packed with bonding adhesive for faster treatment, sterile, clean and efficient bonding.

For Unitek SL, it is self-ligating that provides additional benefits:

  1. The 3M SL braces uses integral nickel-titanium clip holds the archwire with a pre-programmed force with less potential for unintentional slips or the wire becoming disengaged.
  2. It has intelligent clips that release the archwire if forces are excessive.
  3. Because there is elastics ligatures, there is less plaque collected. There is no need to change the elastic ties and clips are quick to adjust, so your montly adjustments visits are quicker with your orthodontist
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Braces dental Specialists

All our metal braces and orthodontic treatments are treated by orthodontists. ask our braces dentist on any questions about your orthodontic concern.

As a parent, if you are unsure about your child’s teeth growth, get a checkup with our orthodontist around the age of 7. BIDH dental hospital caters to children and has pediatric dentists.

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Metal braces treatment process

Basic metal braces are done by your orthodontist daily. Its treatment process is standard and monthly adjustments is normally made every 4 to 6 weeks taking just a few minutes.

dental x-ray

Step 1 : Treatment plan and records

Records, digtital photos, x-ray imaging and study models are taken to dianose and confirm your orthodontic treatment plan with you.

damon braces

Step 2 : Placement of braces

During the day of braces placement, a retractor is placed to keep mouth open comfortably. The tooth surface is etched with a mild solution and rinsed. An adhesive is added  and brackets installed. A light is shone to fasten the brackets.The orthodontic wire is threaded and held in place by series of a tiny rubber bands called ligatures ties.

children braces

Step 3 : Visit your orthodontist monthly

The elastic ligatures will need to be changed and tighten during each of your monthly visit. You can ask your orthodontist to change the colors of your rubber elastics and play around with various colors based on any activities or upcoming events for that month.

invisalign clear aligners

Step 4  : Remove brackets and wear retainers

When your orthodontic treatment is completed, enjoy your new smile. Records and a set of retainers will be made and will need to be worn as instructed by your orthodontist for long-term results of a straight and natural smile.

Conclusion – Metal Braces

Metal braces is a fixed braces used to correct orthodontic problems. At BIDH orthodontic dental clinic, our well-experienced thailand orthodontists utilizes braces from certified 3M orthodontic appliances. It is popular due to its effectiveness on treatment results and is economical.

The ranges of metallic brackets used at BIDH bangkok orthodontic center includes traditional metal brackets held by elastic o-rings from 3M Victory series and 3M Unitek. It also include self-ligating braces called 3M smartclip. Metal braces is the standard braces typed used for most case indications and commonly done as braces for younger children.

Treatment procedure for metal braces are done in simple steps starting with a dental consultation, installation of braces during the same or next visit, monthly adjustments and changing of elastic ties and finally removal of your braces. Retainers will need to be made and worn after the completion of orthodontic treatment to retain your aligned natural smile!