LinguaL braces

Lingual braces are fixed braces that are highly effective in straightening teeth that are placed on the inner side or lingual side of your teeth. Therefore, braces are hidden and invisible. They are normally worn as braces for adults whereby cosmetic appearance or non-visible orthothodontic treatment is required.

Hidden lingual braces are done only by a small handful of orthodontist in Thailand who are trained on lingual braces technique. At BIDH orthodontic dental center in thailand, we are one of the few orthdontic dental clinic with a highly qualified and skilled team of braces dentist able to offer lingual braces. These braces require special lab set up and knowledge of mechanic for successful treatment outcome.

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Lingual Braces Packages

At BIDH orthodontic clinic, our team of lingual braces specialists uses STb light lingual braces from Ormoco. The same company that fabricates Damon braces.

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STb™ Light Lingual

Internal braces

self-ligating inner braces

Alias Lingual

Self-ligating internal braces

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Other brands of popular lingual braces include incognito hidden braces by 3M. Incognito internal braces are specifically customized for each patient. The custom brackets are made unique to the shape of your teeth. 

Lingual braces benefits

Benefits of lingual braces versus clear aligners are:

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  1. Provides for invisible orthodontics and has the added high level of control that only fixed appliances provide compared to removable aligner. With fixed the lingual system, patients compliance is not traced as they do not remove or loses their aligners that may interrup treatment
  2. Compared to other lingual bracket brands, the STb light braces provides for low-force, low-friction mechanics for faster tooth movement. It is also relatively small enable better patient comfort with impacting speech
  3. Fixed braces that gives predictable results. It uses passive ligation design and optimal-force wires that reduce friction for accelerated treatment

Lingual Braces Dentist

At BIDC dental hospital, all our orthodontic treatments for lingual braces in Thailand are treated by only by specialist orthodontists that are certified on the advance lingual technique.

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Internal braces treatment process

Advance lingual braces are performed only by a selected, limited and specialized group of orthodontists in Thailand. Special braces laboratory set up is required during your lingual orthodotic treatment process.

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Step 1 : Treatment plan and records

Set of study model, digital x-rays, photos and records are made to set up your orthodontic treatment plan. Teeth impression is taken to make a teeth mould where your orthodontist will use to set up your lingual braces labworks.

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Step 2 : Lab set up then placement of braces

When your lingual braces labwork is returned. Your orthodontist places your brackets on the inner side of your teeth. The orthodontic wire is then threaded through and held in place. You can continue to smile as no one can see you your internal braces.

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Step 3 : Monthly orthodontist adjustments

During your monthly visits, your orthodontist tightens and monitors the process of your teeth movement.

Step 4  : Complete orthodontics and wear retainers

On completion of orthodontic treatment, the brackets are removed and a set of retainers made for wear post treatment.

Lingual Braces Case Gallery

invisible braces
internal braces

Case source from Stb Light Lingual System 

Conclusion – Lingual Braces

Individual whose work or activites puts them in the lime-light may not like others to know that they are undergoing orthodontic treatment, lingual braces are therefore chosen an braces option for adults. These internal braces may use traditional brackets with elastic ligatures or self-ligating brackets.

In terms of treatment procedure, lingual braces does not differ much from metal braces or clear braces. Its main difference is that lingual braces are placed on the inside of your teeth surface. And unlike metal and clear braces that may be installed during the same visit after confirming treatment plan, lingual braces require labwork set up. So, your orthodontist will need to confirm your plan and can only install your lingual braces when the labwork is returned.

You will have to care for your braces are instructed by your orthodontist after placement of braces and after completion of your orthodontic braces.

Lingual braces do require special training within orthdontics dentistry and therefore only a very small pool of orthodontists in Thailand are experienced and have the certification to perform this technique. So ensure you select a qualified orthodontist in order to ensure a successful treatment outcome.