Damon Braces

Damon is one of the world’s most established and popular brand of self-ligating braces. They are fixed orthdontic appliances  that have a unique bracket with a slide mechanism. This means there is no need for the rubber ligatures used in traditional braces to hold the archwires in place.

Self-ligating braces versus traditional braces

damon braces clear

Damon Brackets

Has a patented slide mechanism. Archwires connects through the bracket and  move freely that reduces friction. No elastic ties is used for better oral hygiene.

O-ring metal braces

Metal Brackets

Use elastic ties to hold archwires in place. The elastic o-rings creates friction  and can collect bacteria.

Damon Braces Packages

Below are the braces ranges of the Damon is available in both metal and clear brackets.

Damon Q

Damon Q

Metal self-ligating braces

damon 3MX

Damon 3MX

Metal with smooth slot corners

Damon 3

Damon 3

Clear and half metal sliding clip

Damon braces clear

Damon Clear 2

Clear self-ligating braces

normal clear braces

Clear brackets with clear o-ring that can collect debris and bacteria.

clear braces damon

Damon clear brackets that easier to maintain oral hygiene without o-rings.


Damon is a popular braces type commonly opted by teens and adults.

  1. Light forces for faster treatment: It uses a lighter and continuous forces to shift teeth in position. There is less friction as compared with conventional fixed braces. Studies have also shown the Damon system is able to move teeth within a shorten period of time as compared with conventional braces. Lighter forces preserves tooth root, prevents gum recession and tooth loss.
  2. Shorter dental visits : Because your orthodontist only tighten the wire and does ont need to change the rubber ligatures, your treatment visit is potentially faster with potentially less visits.
  3. Reduced braces discomfort : Self-ligating braces may be more comfortable than with traditional braces because teeth are not subject to forces normally required after a traditional braces tightening session.
  4. Cleaner and better oral hygiene : Aside from more efficient tooth movement, the lack of elastic ties that is used in conventional braces makes damon easier to maintain oral gum health and cleaning. Elastic ties can collect bacteria and need to be well cleaned.

complimentary consultation

Get a smile assessment with no obligation to start treatment. Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our orthodontists.

Before and After Damon Braces

Braces for Adults

damon braces before


damon braces after


before damon braces


after damon braces


Braces for teens and children

Teen braces before


Teen braces after


child before braces


child after braces


Damon braces treatment process

At BIDH orthodontic center in Thailand, all self-ligating braces are treated only by certified thailnd orthododontists.

When having braces on, follow braces care instructions that you will require during treatmente. Do bring up any questions to your braces detist on any concerns or care of your new braces.

orthodontic consult

Step 1 : Treatment plan and records

Your dentists takes photos, digital x-rays and study models and discusses your orthodontic options and treatment plan.

damon braces

Step 2 : Installation of braces

A retractor is placed and teeth surface are dried and etched with a mild solution. A special adhesive is applied and the bracket positioned. A light fastens the brackets. The orthodontic wire is then threaded through the slots in the brackets. For self-ligating braces, the wire is held by a clip within the brackets.

bangkok braces dental clinic

Step 3 : Month adjustment visits

At intervals of every 6 to 8 weeks, visits are made with your orthodontist to tighten the wires and monitor your teeth adjustment progress. It is important to come for your monthly visits that determines the successful results of orthodontic treatment.

Step 4 : Complete treatment with retainers

Once you have completed your braces, your orthodontist takes x-rays and records. Teeth impression is done for a set of retainers. Retainers will need to be worn as instructed by your dentist to holding your teeth in their new positions.

Videos of Damon Braces

Learn more about the Damon systems and its introductory videos on Damon Clear braces.

damon system

Orthodontic treatment with damon clear braces using self-ligating brackets with its slide mechanism has several advantages. It straighten teeth without rubber o-rings for better oral hygiene and using lighter forces for faster teeth movement treatment.

Damon brackets comes in metal, half metal and half clear as well as complete clear braces. See how damon clear brackets differ.

damon clear

Damon braces are fixed braces but designed to be comfortable, discreet and easy to keep clean because they do not use elastic ties which attract and collect plaque.

The Damon System provides you with a broader smile than conventional braces. Above is the slide mechanisum of how Damon system brackets function. Titanium archwires are held by Damon’s special clip brackets.

Conclusion – Damon Braces

Damon braces is a fixed self-ligating braces using lighter forces to gently shift teeth into position. Comparing with traditional fixed braces, damon braces do not use elastic ties, therefore it is easier cleaner for ora hygiene. Its advantages is that it uses light forces to shift teeth without the need for o-ring friction. This makes treatment more comfortable and moves teeth faster.

There are several range of the damon system. Its orginal range is Damon Q where its brackets are metallic but has a slide mechanism. Over time, Damon 3MX was developd with more effective clip. This is followed by Damon 3 with half metal clip and half transparent to make orthdontic treatment less visible. Today, its latest range is Damon Clear 2 that is whereby it brackets is totally transparent. Combining less visibility and light forces, it shifts teeth gently without being noticeable making it a popular choice as the braces for adults and teen orthodontics.

The treatment process of all ranges of damon are the same and follow that simliar to conventional fixed metal or clear braces. The braces can be installed by your orthodontist quickly in a visit without much discomfort. You will however need some time in getting used to your new braces and follow braces care instructions.

At BIDH orthodontic dental clinic, all our braces treatments are treated only be well-experienced and certified orthdontists who are specialists trained at teeth movement and dentofacial irregulaties. Unlike a general dentist, orthodontist undergo addition years of training to treat bite malocclusions and mechanics on how to effectively shift teeth using forces for successful results. As orthdontic treatment can take months to years, it is important to choose a qualified dentist to assure yourself and your family of time and finance investment into your natural smile.