Thailand  braces Questions

If I need to travel or I cannot go to my monthly adjustment visits, what will happen and what can I do?

If you need to miss your appointment braces adjustment visit, see your dentist at the next earliest interval possible on your trip return. For fixed braces, your orthodontist will need to tighten and change direction movement mechanics of your braces each month to ensure teeth shift in the proper and correct direction. Missed appointments may mean prolonging of orthodontic treatment, but if this is just for a few weeks, your overall orthodontic journey should not be disrupted too much. Simply look after your appliance and follow your dentists instructions. You should avoid hard lollies, foods and sweets and brush your teeth after every meal.

You may like to check with your orthodontist if you may need to visit a local dentist at your destination country for these lagged months if you are travelling or there is a need to be away and you will not return back to your local orthodontist for several months. Your orthodontist can then communicate to the orthodontist in your destination country on require treatment and adjustments of braces.

For removable aligners, pre-inform you orthodontist on your long period of abscence so your dentist may provide you with sufficient change of trays and provide you with instructions whilst away from home.

What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is related to dental treatments that focuses primarily on correcting teeth and jaw irregularities to improve function and bite. It usually involves fitting an orthodontic appliance or braces to align teeth.

Your orthodontist will first do a diagnoses to determine what types of orthodontic problems you or your child may have. For certain individuals whereby malocclusions are signficant, jaw surgery or braces with other dental treatments may be recommended.

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Is my dentist an orthodontist?

If you walk into a dental clinic for checkup and require teeth cleaning without specifying on having any orthodontic concern or issues. The dentist you see is most likely a general dentist or a consulting dentist.

Unless you express concern on having bite occlusion problems or are looking at aligning teeth, your general  dentist may not refer you or mention about orthodontic occlusions or dentofacial irregularities. If your malocclusion is not causing you any concerns or issues, in thai culture, it may be offensive to mentioned about an individual poor or inbalance appearance. Therefore, please bring up aesthetic or orthodontic concern if you would like advise during your dental checkup.

How long does will my orthodontic treatment take?

This will depend on the type of treatment you require, what treatment plan is determined by your dentist, what degree of outcome you hope to achieve and your compliance for periodic adjustment visits or wearing of removable aligners. Children’s teeth might move much quicker compared to an older adult.

Some people may only need six months of treatment. For most people, orthodontic braces usually take between one and three years.

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How much does will be Thailand braces orthodontic treatment costs?

This depends on what treatment you require. Different thailand braces options have different costs. Some patients will need longer treatment than others. See our treatment fees at BIDH dental hospital sukhumvit soi 2. Our thailand braces costs are standardized and transparent.

To get a more accurate cost estimate, you will need to visit our dental clinic so that our orthodontists or consulting dentists can do an actual examination on your acutal condition to determine the correct treatment option for you. If you already had a prior consultation done elsewhere, please bring along any draft treatment plan or x-rays that might have been taken.

You are be able to receive a cost treatment at your free consultation. And you do not have to start or opt for treatment if you are not ready.

What is the difference between an general dentist, an orthodontist and a cosmetic dentist?

A general dentist is like your general doctor normally perform simple treatments such as teeth cleaning, dental fillings, tooth extraction, fluoride treatments. Some general dentist are well-experienced and may be capable to do more types of treatments.

In Thailand, licensed general dentists are able to treat the full range of dental treatments after they graduate with a Doctor of Dentistry (DDS) from an approved dental university in Thailand by the Thai Dental Council. General dentists at dental clinics in Thailand are legally able to to oral surgery, orthodontic treatments, root canal treatments, dental implants and can legally treat complex cases. Quality, sterilization, doctor qualifications as well as the degree of risks your general dentist has on treating more invasive and difficult caes therefore vary very widely in Thailand.

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Thailand orthodontists

To be an orthodontist specialist, these are dentists who have graduated with a basic DDS and have embarked on two-to-three years of further postgraduate study to specialise in orthodontics. At BIDH, our resident orthodontists graduated from Australia and USA in orthodontics.

Thailand cosmetic dentists

For cosmetic dentist, these are dentists who have also fulfilled a basic DDS degree and continue two-to-three years of post-graduate study in the areas of prosthodontics, restorative dentistry or cosmetic dentistry.

BIDH dental specialists referral system

Unlike normal dental clinics in thailand whereby our general dentist treats you for all treatments from teeth cleaning to implants, at BIDH dental hospital and our group of dental clinic network group, we assign use a dental specialist referral system. If seeking treatment with us, your general dentist will help you to maintain good oral hygiene, carry out fillings, but will refer you to an orthodontist for more substantial work like the fitting of braces or to a cosmetic dentists for veneers or crowns who are trained and well skilled in their specialization area.

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If you main concern is related to orthodontic problems, our BIDH customer care staff usually assigns you directly to the orthodontist as the first doctor for treatment planning.

However, if you have several concerns you would addressed and are unsure if you require braces or other types of dental treatment, our customer care team will normally assign you to our consulting dentist as your first consult. Our consulting dentist discusse your needs and options. A treatment plan is drawn up and you are seen thereafter by another respective dental specialists for each portion of your treatment.

If choosing BIDH bangkok braces dental clinic, we assures our patients on proper treatment diagoses by a qualified dental specialists. Your treatment will be diagnoses correctly by well-experienced experts in each of their areas of specializations.

Does orthodontic treatment hurt?

The actual placement of fixed braces and or removable aligners does not hurt. Although you will experience some discomfort at various phases throughout your orthodontic treatment.

When your braces are first placed on, you may take some time getting used to wearing braces that can cause aching or sensivitity. EverTime you have your braces tightened or you receive your next set of aligners. This discomfort can be treated with over-the-counter pain relief, such as paracetamol.

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Make an advance appointment for a treatment plan with our dentists. There is no obligation to start treatment. Find out what thailand braces treatment might be recommended for you.